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Faith Foundations 101

This website is devoted to the presentation of foundational Christian truths and their application to life and culture. 

Our purpose is to proclaim, encourage and defend a Christian worldview in the context of contemporary cultural and social issues. 

The contents  include biblical reflections, foundational teaching from the Word of God,  and personal experiences.  These can be viewed by selecting Blog in the navigation bar.


The Biblical Reflections stem from personal devotions that have spoken to us, and hopefully will speak to you. There is no thematic or chronological order to these devotions.

Faith Foundations seeks to articulate core beliefs and doctrines of the Christian faith and their implications for faith and practice as a lived reality.

A Journey with a View relates personal experiences we have had along the way- lessons we have learned on the journey. They are random experiences- serious and lighthearted - memorials or threads  in the fabric of our life.


Questions, observations or comments are welcomed.